“… the first time in 30 years”

“I sought out Dr. Christy Matusiak’s services because of shoulder joint pain. She started with a medical evaluation, which surprised me. As she worked on the pain area she asked questions about my diet based upon my medical history. The end result is that over a twelve-week period I ended up losing twenty plus pounds and I never felt I was on a diet. Dr. Christy simply taught to make different food selections.

Another surprising result was that my cholesterol came down and the major blood ratios came into balance – the first time in 30 years. I highly recommend Halcyon Health Chiropractic and Dr. Christy Matusiak as part of anyone’s health awareness program.”

Ron M.


“She’s simply fantastic!”

“I went to see Dr. Christy because I was having terrible heartburn that wasn’t getting better. She took a complete medical history, and performed a physical examination. She concluded that the source of my problem wasn’t that I had too much stomach acid, but that, contrary to what I thought, I had too little.

She put me on two simple supplements and treated me for a related condition, and within a week I was 95% better. The problem has not come back since. I cannot recommend Dr. Christy Matusiak highly enough. She’s simply fantastic!”

Rob P.

“…she can help you live a peace-filled and joyous life!”

“My desire to network with many types of businesses gave me a chance to meet Dr. Christy Matusiak, an applied kinesiologist.  As we got to know each other, I found that Dr. Christy also practiced my same eating plan.

I’ve now become a patient of Dr. Matusiak’s.  My bad cholesterol is lower, my weight is alos down, and my hormone levels are also becoming more balanced.  I’ve gained more wellness in my physical and psychological health.  I would recommend Dr. Matusiak to those who are proactive about their health.  She is very knowledgeable and can work closely with you to improve both physcial alignment of the spine and reach much further into knowledge that can help you live a peace-filled and joyous life.”

Rose S.


“Halcyon Health Chiropractic has been a godsend…”

“I am a Chiropractic student, and am eligible for free care at our school’s clinic; however, the care that Dr. Christy Matusiak provides is far superior to any other Chiropractor I’ve seen and I prefer to pay out of pocket to get the level of care that she provides. Her techniques are much gentler and less intrusive than other doctors’ I’ve been to, and her general confidence and congenial personality make the visits more pleasant than most doctor visits.

Dr. Matusiak is very thorough and does a full check of all body systems, not just focusing on the spine as some Chiropractors do. I feel much better after each visit and she is able to keep my chronic pain under control without any prescription medications or injections. I feel comfortable talking to Dr. Matusiak about all of my general health problems and am confident that she will take them seriously and use her myriad skills to treat each problem with utmost care.

Halcyon Health Chiropractic has been a godsend and I’ve never met a more caring, confident physician than Dr. Christy Matusiak.”

Michelle E